Maxi and Mini Raffles

2019 Maxi Raffle Form                    2019 Mini Raffle Form

You love the Mini and Maxi Raffles! We sold out of both raffles last year. So….this year, we added a twist to the Maxi Raffle.

Tickets for the Maxi Raffle will cost $100 each. If 100 tickets are sold, the winner (and the church) will each receive $5,000.

Here’s the Maxi Raffle twist: if more than 100 tickets are sold, a second winner will be selected. This winner will receive half of the additional proceeds of the kitty. Example: 120 tickets will earn another $2,000 – so that is $1,000 for a second winner and $1,000 for the church.

Tickets for the Mini Raffle will also cost $100 each – with a cap of 50 tickets sold. The winner (and the church will each receive $2,500 (if all tickets are sold.) If more than 50 tickets are sold, entries will go into the Maxi Raffle.

Raffles are now open! Get those tickets in. Drop in the weekend Mass collection or mail to St. John the Baptist Church, Attn: Mini/Maxi Raffles, 708 N. 4th St., KCK, 66101.

Information: 913-669-2493 or